C-7 Mysterious Noises

Wayne, please pass this info on to our members:

Wayne and Club Members:
My name is Larry Linley a newer member to the club and I have the Crystal Red Tint 2014 C 7 convertible and the reason I say this, is for other members who have a C 7 or are planning on buying one.

A problem was discovered on mine:

Rattle or Flutter Noise when engine switches to V4 from V8 or from V8 to V4 mode
Condition and Concern 
A  vehicle may have a concern with the rattle noise at 30 – 40 MPH when the engine is switching between V8 to V4.
This concern only happens while driving and cannot be duplicated in a shop environment.
If it was built before March 15, 2014, inspect the drive belt tensioner for a hydraulic fluid leak.
If tensioner is leaking replace and then evaluate the concern
If tensioner is not leaking,     
1.    Start by disconnecting the EPEV (electronic passive exhaust valves)
2.    If the noise changes plug 1 EPEV in to isolate which valve is the concern
3.    If no change replace the belt tensioner
This of course is covered under your new car warranty. 
This was a condition that developed on my C 7.  Dewey Barber diagnosed the problem and has order the replacement part.  The Service Manager, Mr. Johnnie Adams told me there would not be a problem to continue driving the vehicle.
I do hope this will be of help to those who have a C 7.

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