As  of today  10/19/2017 we have implemented a totally new email communication system (
The address you send mail to the club has not changed.
I have entered email addresses from the former MACC-ALL list and also the latest member list (10/13/2017).
I am confidant that some names have been included that are no longer members and some people have been left off the list.
If you are no longer a member or do not want emails sent to your address, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom.
If you want an address added, (you must be a member and you can have as many as you want), send it to me at
I hope I was able to get the address of at least one family member included, I apologize if I have left anybody off the list.

Our Web Site has also gone thru a hosting change which will eliminate most of the down time we have been having.
Both systems are up and running, please utilize them as much as possible for club communication.
You can post to the web site and show off our club to the Corvette Loving world!

Thomas M. Williamson

WebMaster for Now

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